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Café de olla!

CAFE DE OLLA OR COFFEE FROM A POT! is a traditional Mexican hot beverage made with ground coffee and spices such as cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar). This flavorful brew is often served with pan dulce or sweet rolls and is a mainstay of Mexican cafés and cafes throughout Latin America.

Because of its unique flavor and aroma, café de olla is popular as an alternative to regular coffee. 

Café de olla originated in the state of Tlaxcala, where it was prepared using clay pots over an open fire. The smell of the clay pot and the smoky flavor it imparted upon the coffee was enough to make most people fall in love with the beverage. As its popularity increased, café de olla spread throughout Mexico and eventually became popular in South America, Central America, and beyond. Café de olla is prepared similarly to regular coffee, however it is boiled in a clay pot along with pilloncillo and other spices, that once combined erupts these explosion of flavors and aromas, that simply attracts the family to the dining table to enjoy this mystical drink.

Here at Apolonia Coffee, We wanted to bring that tradition to all families but without all the work that comes with making Cafe de Olla.

We created a recipe and put in a bag ready to brew at home using your current coffee maker or French press.

We call it Cafe de Olla ready to brew at Home!


Hope you and your family enjoy our delicious coffee every morning.