Supporting Local Houston Firefighters

Supporting Local Firefighters

Apolonia Coffee is all about passion.  Our passion for great tasting coffee, for our beloved farmers and their families, the land where the coffee grows and the community. 

Houston FireFighter Coffee - Apolonia Coffee SupportIn conjunction with our passion for our community, Apolonia proudly supports our local Houston Firefighters through our Premium Coffee sales. Our founder Mario has a has a huge heart and a passion that extends to firefighters.  Apolonia Coffee is committed to donate coffee to local Houston fire stations where our Houston’s finest spend most of their time.

Do you know firefighters drink a lot of coffee?  We mean A LOT of coffee!  How do we know? Well, that is because we have talked to our local Houston Firefighters and have formed relationships with these fine men and women.  Firefighters LOVE drinking coffee!  Their love for drinking coffee and our LOVE for producing the finest specialty premium coffee available is a perfect match!

Apolonia Coffee is committed to donate a free bag of our Guayabo Premium Coffee or Pinalito Specialty Coffee to our dedicated Houston firefighters in our community for every 10 of our 12 oz bags we sell! 

Houston FireFighter Coffee - Apolonia Coffee Support

 Please help us support our Houston Firefighters.

From Farm To Cup, Every Time!