Our story


Coffee Has been in our family for decades.  From a small farm on the mountains surrounding our native Esquipulas, Guatemala to now offering freshly roasted coffee directly to you.

This history guides our principles and commitment to not only source the best coffee beans, but also the best practices in processing coffee.

Premium Houston Roasted CoffeeApolonia Premium Coffee! Grown on the most beautiful mountains around the world, our coffee is handpicked and handled with care, From Farm to Cup! We want to bring you the very best coffees and give you an amazing coffee experience.

We source our premium coffee from family owned farms.  Mario (our owner) personally works directly with the farmers from seeding to processing.  He visits the farms in Guatemala to ensure and preserve the quality of all the premium coffees we select and buy. This allows us to have transparency in the process and guarantee that farmers are paid above market price to reinvest in their farms and  to ensure a sustainable relationship.

We continue to work directly with farmers through the entire process to establish long term quality bench marks. These extra steps in the process from seeding, planting, harvesting and hand processing our premium coffees, ensure that you get fantastic fresh roasted coffee.

Houston Roasted Coffee

From Farm to Cup, Every Time!