Unique coffee mugs, Handmade in Guatemala by a Local family of artists and imported by Apolonia Coffee.
Every mug is made and painted individually to give it that unique characteristics of the artist and mug.
All of our handmade mugs are  so beautiful in shape and full of  the vibrant colors of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where there are made.
You will never forget your morning coffee with this mug.
Each of these mugs are completely handmade and painted, they cook and cure the ceramic at 1100 degrees F. so you can have your favorite cup of coffee or hot soup.
This amazing mugs are so different from each other, no two are identical due to the hand process and uniqueness of each Artist painting the designs.
Guatemala is a country full of color and culture, all that is reflected in every mug these local artists design and make.
We work directly with the family who designs and make them, we import it ourselves without using a third party importer, to guarantee a fair direct trade with the makers of these amazing Coffee mugs.
Each cup is made individually. Please expect slight differences and signs of the hand-crafted process - handmade beauty.
The cups are fully handmade modeling.