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Cafe de Olla ready to brew at home!  our signature Blend!

Cafe de Olla is a Traditional Mexican Hot beverage made with specialty coffee grounds and spices such as piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar).

This flavorful brew is often served with Pan dulce or sweet rolls and is a mainstay of Mexican cafes and cafes throughout Latin America.  Because of its unique flavor and aroma

Because of its unique flavor and aroma, café de olla is popular as an alternative to regular coffee.

Café de olla originated in the state of Tlaxcala, where it was prepared using clay pots over an open fire. The smell of the clay pot and the smoky flavor it imparted upon the coffee was enough to make most people fall in love with the beverage.

As its popularity increased, café de olla spread throughout Mexico and eventually became popular in South America, Central America, and beyond.

Café de olla is prepared similarly to regular coffee, however it is boiled in a clay pot along with piloncillo.  Sweetened with piloncillo-Brown sugar- spiced with cinnamon, cloves and star anise. 

We use 100% fresh Mexican Coffee to make the perfect Cafe de Olla.

Traditionally It's brewed in an Olla de barro, or Mexican clay pot, that gives the coffee a unique earthy flavor, but since we needed to make it easy to prepare at home, we prepared this amazing recipe ready to be brewed in your traditional coffee maker at home.

Our delicious Cafe de Olla, with amazing notes of chocolate, cinnamon. Nothing bring our family together like Cafe de Olla.

READY TO BREW – Comes as grounded beans bags that’s ready to brew. Shake well before use and brew as you would regular coffee with auto drip or press. You can also measure and place the grounds into a Keurig disposable cup.

I package of 5.62 oz makes exactly one pot of 12 cups of delicious Mexican Cafe de Olla.

-Great Guatemalan coffee
-Brown sugar

Made exclusively by Apolonia Coffee!

We hope you enjoy this delicious blend of authentic latin flavors.

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