• Pinalito Micro lot Coffee

Pinalito Micro lot Coffee



    Houston Micro Brew Pinalito coffee is a unique parcel of the main Farm El guayabo, in Esquipulas, Guatemala.  This newly discovered region of Guatemala is excellent for coffee and is where Pinalito Houston Micro Brew coffee is born.
      This particular lot has such a rich Micro climate, perfect to harvest the best coffees.  
      Pinalito coffee grows at the highest part of the mountain, surrounded by 200 acres of natural reserve, which also provides the drinking water to the town of Esquipulas. We actually had the pleasure of drinking the water right of the stream, I must say, it was the most refreshing water we had tasted.  
      The fruit was very distinctive when we tasted it on the plant, at that point we knew we had a specialty coffee on our hands.  Pinalito is Houston roasted, limited micro brew coffee with bold and strong flavors. 
      Freshness is important with all our Apolonia premium Coffees. Pinalito Houston Micro Brew Coffee is roasted locally here in Houston for ultimate freshness.  You will Taste the difference!  
      We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
            • Farm: El Guayabo
            • Micro Lot: Pinalito
            • Country: Guatemala
            • Elevation: 1200-1500 m.a.s.l

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            Type: Coffee    

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